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Phoenix Roller Derby



Phoenix Roller Derby is a roller derby league based in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer a safe space for people to learn to skate and play the sport of roller derby. Our league is made up of individuals who are passionate about the sport and dedicated to supporting each other both on and off the track.


Bringing the fun back to the flat track through empowerment, organization, training, coaching and promoting by
the sport of roller derby in Arizona, the United States and Internationally.


Core values are the fundamental beliefs of our organization and guiding principles for our behavior and actions within PHXRD and as representatives of PHXRD. Our core values are to:

● Play strong, train smart and have fun.
● Be welcoming and embrace differences.
● Respect the game and each other.
● Keep making it better.
● Bring your best self and trust others to do the same


The vision of Phoenix Roller Derby is to train the best roller derby athletes and teams in the world, to lead the growth of the sport locally and internationally, and to increase access for members and fans alike.

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